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Hello and welcome to The Table Catering customers!

I am delighted to be in partnership with The Table Catering and to offer a discount to the Ongoing Weekday Meals customers. Starting now any customers who are part of (or become part of) their Ongoing Meals Weekday Subscription will get a 25% discount on my services.

Perhaps the ever changing barrage of nutrition advice has you wondering what exactly you can do to eat more healthfully. Or perhaps you have a medical condition and you’ve been wondering how nutrition might be able to help as you manage it. Fill out my Get Started form to let me know if you’re interested in a session – and be sure to mention that you are part of The Table Catering’s Ongoing Weekday Meals Subscription.

For anyone located in the East Bay who may be reading this: if you aren’t already part of The Table Catering’s Ongoing Weekday Meals Subscription, let me share a few of the things that I love that The Table Catering helps you do.

Eat your veggies (& waste less food!)

Ummm, raise your hand if you have ever done aspirational veggie purchasing at the store. (Me!!).

You know what I mean. You know you should eat veggies, and maybe you really want to eat the veggies, but then you get them home and they sit in the fridge until they rot. Let Chef Peter do the shopping AND veggie preparing for you. The Table Catering helps making getting your veggies in easier, and they can help you explore new vegetables that perhaps you haven’t tried yet, or haven’t been sure how to prepare. 

Eat local

Since the Table Catering sources as many of their products locally as they can, it is a great way to do more local eating. Choosing local foods offers you excellent freshness in your food PLUS you get to support local small businesses. Double win!!

Eat whole foods

Ordering a meal from the Table Catering is your chance to have the benefits of quick and easy food right along with the benefits of made from scratch, minimally processed, whole foods. Double win again!! Some of the ways Table Catering does this is by practicing whole animal butchery, abundant use of whole grains, and by making stocks, sauces, dressings, baked goods, and much more from scratch.

What’s for dinner???? (The dreaded question)

Decision fatigue is real. Perhaps you want to cook, you want fresh, whole foods, but sometimes deciding what to make (or getting into the kitchen to make it) just feels like too much. The Table Catering is here to do the menu planning and food prep for you. And since the foods come cold, it’s also easy to order enough food for multiple days and just heat it up when you’re ready. 

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