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Root Cause: When to keep up the search and when to take a pause

For those of us who experience mysterious health symptoms finding the root cause of these symptoms is a valuable and worthy desire. We didn’t used to feel like this. We can remember what life was like before these symptoms and we want to get back to that. Ideally we would be able to identify the clear problem, fix it, and move on with life. However, the search for the root cause can also come with some drawbacks and a clear root cause isn’t always going to be available.

Hear some of my thoughts on the value of searching for the root cause as well as the value of pausing the search:

The FAST Freedom Program is one road to take in your healing journey

Here’s a video from Wendy Busse, creator of the FAST Freedom Program (FAST = Food Avoidance & Sensitivity Trap). In this video she explores the mind-body connection and what can be done when there is no clear root cause that can be found for your symptoms.

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