Eat More Plants

Check out my guest post with my friends over at The Table Catering.

Eat more plants with Chef Peter's Cauliflower Garden Salad (cauliflower, bell pepper and garnish in a blue bowl) from The Table Catering

Still looking for a fun goal or challenge for yourself this new year? Try the goal of eating more plants (great for health and better for our planet). Some recent research shows that those who ate 30 (or more) different types of plants each week had a more diverse microbiome. A diverse microbiome is great for gut health, and as we are continuing to learn, our microbiomes have far reaching ties to our overall health (including inflammatory diseases and mental health). With the goal of 30 different types of plants per week diversity is the key. (Read more over at The Table Catering)

Want to talk with a nutritional professional about working plant based eating into your life?

Amy can help you to learn how to incorporate more plants without it been overwhelming. Reach out to Amy today!

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