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Physician’s Referral

Most of the work I do with clients requires a referral from a physician. Get the referral process started by giving this form to your physician for them to fill out and send to me.

Session Options

Every new client will start with a 60 minute initial consultation. After that, you can choose either a single session follow up (30 minutes) or ongoing follow up (three 30 minute sessions).

Working together on your goals for improving your health, wellbeing and/or relationship with food is a process and can take some time. I recommend planning for an initial consultation plus some follow ups to allow us time to work together to provide you the support and accountability you need in your journey.

For those who just have a few questions they would like to talk through, or who aren’t yet sure what their goals may be, you can always try an initial consultation first and add on follow ups as needed.

Session Prices

  • Initial + 3 Follow Ups $395*
    • One 60 minute session plus three 30 minute sessions
  • Initial Session $200
    • One 60 minute session
  • Follow Up $75
    • One 30 minute session
  • Follow up bundle $195*
    • Three 30 minute sessions

*Includes the option to send messages with progress updates or questions between sessions


I am proud to offer the FAST Freedom Program to my clients. This program is designed to help anyone who has found themselves struggling with multiple food sensitivities and mysterious symptoms that seem to be associated with eating. Learn more about the FAST Freedom Program.

FAST Freedom Program Counseling Package $550

When you sign up for the FAST Freedom Program you will get:

  • Three virtual appointments with me!
  • Three-month access to the life changing FAST Freedom Resources
  • Workbook and action planning sheets
  • Customized strategies to meet your needs
  • Unlimited access to support
  • Weekly electronic check-ins to keep you on track
  • Simple, flexible recipes
  • Nutrition recommendations to nourish your body
  • Expert guidance & support

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