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Learn to eat for health – without overly restrictive diets

Let nutrition care be part of your self care

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I want to eat healthy and feel good – but what does healthy eating really look like and will it help me feel better?

There is no shortage of diet advice out there, at times with conflicting or seemingly ever changing messages. How you found yourself wondering what to do with all of this?

  • “Should I go vegan or maybe gluten free?”
  • “I should be on the Paleo diet, no wait, the Mediterranean diet, no wait…”
  • “What about superfoods, are there 5 foods I should be eating every day?”
  • “Clean eating, that’s the answer, isn’t it?”

It can be a hard world to navigate. I’m here to help!

In our sessions we can sort through all the hype and help you to feel confident in your food choices and help you better understand the connections between food and health.

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And if you have a specific medical condition, I can help with that too. 

Nutrition can play a role in the management of many medical conditions:

  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • GERD/reflux
  • diarrhea/constipation
  • multiple food sensitivities
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholesterol
  • diabetes
  • anemia
  • and many others

With a referral from your doctor, we can work together to use nutrition in the management of your condition.

Let’s get you feeling good!

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I know that bodies come in all sizes and I want to talk about food and health without being told all I need to do is lose weight.

Maybe you’ve had an interaction like this ⤵️

  • You: I’m concerned about (xyz)
  • Healthcare provider: You just need to lose weight!
  • You: But no, I’m experiencing (xyz)
  • Healthcare provider: Yeah, just lose weight.

Lose weight, sure, just add it to the to-do list, right?

Being brushed off and judged for your body like this can be so hurtful and unhelpful. Also, weight loss is not the simple fix that it has been made out to be, which is why I have chosen to make my sessions a weight neutral space. This approach frees us up to put the scale aside and talk about your nutrition concerns and your priorities for improving your health and wellbeing.

Make peace with food and learn to nourish your body

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“I keep trying the latest diet – but they don’t leave me feeling any better, and I keep feeling like somehow I failed.

The truth is that diet’s don’t produce long term weight loss for the vast majority of people who do them! Diets do tend to lead to weight cycling (which is really bad for your health!) and a sense of failure when the diets don’t produce the hoped for result. 

As we work together in a weight neutral space, we can put the scale aside and use the principles of intuitive eating and mindfulness to help break you free from the dieting mentality. Your body deserves to be nourished and food and movement are not just tools for weight loss.

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What kind of impact are my food choices having on the environment?

The problem of climate change is so large and all encompassing, it can feel quite overwhelming. Individual actions alone aren’t enough to solve the vast array of problems we’ve ended up with – it’s going to take some large systemic changes. However, there are some steps we can take at an individual level and – the more of us that take them the greater impact we can have.

Together we can work together to enhance your understanding of the links between our food systems, our food choices, and the environment. We will also identify tangible steps you can take to make a difference.

Session Options

Every new client will start with a 60 minute initial consultation. After that, you can choose either a single session follow up (30 minutes) or ongoing follow up (three 30 minute sessions).

Working together on your goals for improving your health and wellbeing is a process and can take some time. I recommend planning for an initial consultation plus at least 3 follow ups to allow us time to work together to provide you the support and accountability you need in your journey.

For those who just have a few questions they would like to talk through, or who aren’t yet sure what their goals may be, you can always try an initial consultation first and add on follow ups as needed.

Session Prices

  • Initial + 3 Follow Ups $395*
    • One 60 minute session plus three 30 minute sessions
  • Initial Session $200
    • One 60 minute session
  • Follow Up $75
    • One 30 minute session
  • Follow up bundle $195*
    • Three 30 minute sessions

*Includes the option to send messages with progress updates or questions between sessions

If these prices are out of reach for you, please know that I offer sliding scale pricing upon request – just ask about it when you fill out the Get Started form.


What is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)?

Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (also know as Registered Dietitians) are experts in the field of food and nutrition. RDNs have completed specified academic course work, completed a period of supervised practice, passed a national registration examination, and complete ongoing continuing education. RDN is a regulated credential, available only to those who follow this process. The term “nutritionist” alone is not a regulated credential and does not guarantee that the person using the term is a qualified nutrition professional.

Do you see clients in-person or online?

Currently my practice is 100% virtual with all sessions being conducted via Telehealth.

However, I am exploring options for seeing clients in-person at some downtown Hayward, CA locations. If an in-person session is of interest to you, and downtown Hayward, CA is an accessible location, please let me know when you fill out your Get Started form and we’ll see what we can do.

Do you see clients outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

While I am physically located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, my practice is currently 100% virtual, with all sessions done via Telehealth. Being a virtual practice does allow me the freedom to see clients outside of my own area and I can see anyone located within California as well as most other states within the United States.

Registration as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a national credential, however some states have a licensing requirement as well. If you live outside of California be sure to mention where you are located when you fill out the Get Started form, so I can confirm that I have met the licensing requirements for your state.

Do you take insurance?

Currently clients must pay out of pocket for each session.

If you find my session prices to be out of reach, please know that I offer sliding scale pricing upon request. Ask about it when you fill out the Get Started form.

Also, I am exploring the idea of accepting insurance in the future, so if you would have been interested in a session with me, but my not taking insurance was a deal breaker, please reach out and let me know, I’d be interested to hear from you.

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