Thank you for referring your patients to me. I love being a resource that helps both you and your patients.

Much of the work I do with clients requires a referral from a physician. Please complete this form and return it to me via email or fax.

Let your patients know what services I provide and how to reach me by printing off this flyer for them.

Referring to a registered dietitian nutritionist can make a world of difference for your patients

Intuitive Eating

Restrictive diets for weight loss are very popular as patients (and their health care providers) search for better health and slimmer bodies. Unfortunately dieting can often result in more harm than good as it can cause patients to lose attunement with their bodies, develop disordered eating, and endure weight cycling (and the resulting negative health effects). Intuitive Eating helps patients reconnect with their bodies and learn to have a positive relationship with food, learn how to nourish their bodies, and end dangerous dieting behaviors.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

I can help your patients learn to use diet as part of their IBS management. The low FODMAP diet has been shown to have good rates of success in symptom improvement with IBS. However, it is a 3 phase diet and can be fairly complicated for some patients to navigate on their own. Also, when left on their own patients can end up stuck in phase 1 (the most restrictive phase), and thus, be stuck on an overly restrictive diet for far too long. Refer your patients to me so that they can have the education and support that they need to be successful with the low FODMAP diet, and also to know when it isn’t working and what other options they can try.
FAST stands for Food Avoidance and Sensitivity Trap. If you have a patient with multiple food sensitivities and has ended up on overly restrictive diets their nutrition status and quality of life can suffer. The FAST Freedom Program walks patients through the concept of conditioned food sensitivities and the cycle that can ensue when mysterious symptoms seem to be related to food intake. The 12 week program exposes patients to these concepts and then, with the online materials plus sessions with me, they can slowly work on expanding their diet and rebuilding their body and food trust.

Weight Neutral

My weight neutral approach allows me to work with your patients on improving health markers (cholesterol, glucose, blood pressure, etc) without the weight shaming that can often come along with well intended health advice.

Do you take insurance?

Currently patients must pay out of pocket for each session.

If they find my session prices to be out of reach, please know that I offer sliding scale pricing upon request. They may ask about it when they fill out the Get Started form.

Also, I am exploring the idea of accepting insurance in the future, so if you see a likelihood that you will be referring a large number of patients to refer to me, please reach out to let me know which insurances you take and I will consider becoming in-network with them as well.

Do you see patients outside of the San Francisco Bay Area?

While I am physically located in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area, my practice is currently 100% virtual, with all sessions done via Telehealth. Being a virtual practice does allow me the freedom to see clients outside of my own area and I can see anyone located within California as well as most other states within the United States.

Registration as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a national credential, however some states have a licensing requirement as well. If you and your patients are outside of California I can check to see if I have met the licensing requirements for your state once I know where you are located (via the referral form or the Get Started form).

Do you see patients in-person or online?

Currently my practice is 100% virtual with all sessions being conducted via Telehealth.

However, I am exploring options for seeing clients in-person the San Lorenzo, Hayward, & San Leandro areas. If you have extra space in your practice and would consider renting out office space by the hour please let me know. I would love to offer patients an in-person option.

You say you take a “weight neutral” approach, are you against weight loss?

No, I am not against weight loss. I am all for body autonomy and recognize that people will want to lose weight for various reasons (health, looks, to “feel more like themselves” again), and it’s not wrong to want to lose weight.

However, I fully recognize all of the harm that dieting and the diet industry are able to inflict on the physical and mental health of people. And I am all for de-centering weight loss from its place as the primary goal/tool for improving health.

What I am interested in doing though my practice is making space for celebrating non-weight based successes on the path toward better health and wellbeing. I also want to be a safe place for people in larger bodies to discuss nutrition and health without weight being forced on them as the main focus.

It is also important to me to help improve understanding when it comes to weight and weight loss. Here a few of the things I like to keep in mind:

➡️ Weight loss is not the only way to improve health

➡️ Weight loss is not as easy as it is often made out to be (way more complex than calories in/calories out)

➡️Getting one’s body weight to an “ideal” weight or a “normal” BMI might not actually be healthy – bodies come in a variety of sizes and we shouldn’t all be held to one simplistic size standard

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